unravelling at night what she had woven during the day, as a clever ploy to “buy time” and stave off hungry suitors - Odyssey

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have you 'learned' the harsh truth yet?

On 2012-04-23, at 11:25pm, Old Friend <old.friend@someuniversity.com> wrote:

have you learned the harsh truth yet that being a phd means never being good enough? 

On Apr 24, 2012, at 10:00AM, Me  <me@gmail.com> wrote:

Oh yes. It is a project designed to force you into a vulnerable and insecure state... Then they attack! I feel so dumb.

On 2012-04-24, at 10:21 AM, Old Friend <old.friend@someuniversity.com> wrote:

so try this on for size

i have a project, approved by a committee after many months of hard work and countless revisions after 20 interviews and hours of documentary and archival research i spent the last 15 days making the most beautiful presentation ever seen by man to share some of my preliminary conclusions

i went yesterday to do a dry run of it and received the following feedback:

"yours is not a serious study"

"you have no real contribution"

"you will be wasting the time of the important people who are coming to this presentation"



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