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Belly of the Beast

From: Admin for the BIG DEAL I.O.
Date: 1 April 8:51:13 CST
To: <Ph.D.enthusiast@university.ca>
Subject:  RE : Interview for the position of Intern , BIG DEAL I.O. 

Dear Ph.D. Enthusiast, 

I am glad to inform you that you have been selected for the internship position of your dreams with the BIG DEAL I.O., in the Unit your Ph.D. dissertation focuses on. 

Thank you and best regards, 

Admin for the BIG DEAL I.O. 

From: <Ph.D.enthusiast@university.ca>
Date: 1 April 8:57:54
To: <Ph.D.Supervisor@university.ca>
Subject: TR: RE: Interview for the position of Intern, BIG DEAL I.O.


So, what do I do? Technically, it does not slow down my field research.


From:  <Ph.D.Supervisor@university.ca>
Date: 1 April 10:14:21
To: <Ph.D.enthusiast@university.ca>
Subject: RE: TR: RE: Interview with BIG DEAL I.O.

Hi Enthusiast,

Evidently, to spend a couple of months in the belly of the beast presents some interest, but be careful. They might want to keep you (trilingual, assertive, well trained, field research experience, resourceful, organized, etc) and it might interest you (the centre of the world, tax free salary, etc). You ABSOLUTELY need to drop them once you’re done and to not stop your research while you are in the centre of the world. The internship will give credibility to your discussion of the thing you’ve been talking about for 6 years, not to mention the contacts you will make, and the documentation/discussions you could not access otherwise. But the most important thing is to finish your Ph.D., and then move on to the post-doc (or go back to the centre of the world) but with your Ph.D. in hand.  



Date:   Thu, 16 May, 2013 1:58 pm
To:   Student


Attached you will find your official offer of admission.

Please note that in order to accelerate the process, no additional documents will be sent by mail. You may send us your reply by e-mail, fax, standard post or in person.

Kind regards,


Subject:   Qualifying for Program (decision) Executive Committee, FGPS
From:   Chairofcommittee@university.com
Date:   Thu, 4 July, 2013 9:26 am
To:   Student
Cc:   Committeemember1@university.com

Dear Student,

The Executive Committee of the FGPS has considered your request to be admitted to The Program despite not having met the conditions of your qualifying  program. The Committee was not willing to grant your request at present. However, if you retake This course and That course in the Fall 2013 session and achieve This grade, your admission to The program will be approved for January 2014.



Subject:   FW: Decision Executive Committee of FGPS -- Qualifying Program
From:   Academic.services.officer@university.com
Date:   Thu, 4 July, 2013 2:16 pm
To:   Student
Cc:   department.admin@university.com


After reception of the decision of the executive committee of the FGPS we have proceeded with the cancellation of your registration to The Program for the fall 2013 and winter 2014.

We recommend that you register for the fall semester to The Required Course in order to be considered for admission into The Program in the winter 2014.  We also recommend that you take a graduate course that will enable you to progress as some of the courses are prerequisite.  


Academic Services Officer

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