unravelling at night what she had woven during the day, as a clever ploy to “buy time” and stave off hungry suitors - Odyssey

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Archives and bluegrass

From: Institutional Archivist 
Subject: Re: Submit a Research Question - September 20, 2014 18:45:42
Date: 9 Novemeber, 2014 4:29:40 PM EST
To: researcher


Yes this is my kind of weather.  There is an old, old bluegrass song about the cold December rain in Virginia and lost love -- the song is titled Blue Virginia Blues. No everyone's classic song perhaps, but our cold December rain even penetrates and chills old mountain songs.

I am very glad that you found the file you were seeking.  I was preparing to say that I was sure nothing had been removed, and to suggest it must have arrived that way...you see, I cannot always vouch for those accessions that begin with the 2008 prefix -- that January I was overseeing the move of the Institutional Archives from my old space at L'Enfant Plaza, and the safety catches on the ladder I was standing on failed.  Well, the ladder rolled from beneath me and I fell and broke my knee.  When I returned full time to work that June I was wearing a robocop leg brace and using a cane -- and 39 pallets of boxes stacked to the rafters were waiting for me.  Anyway, my usual triage for providing basic management of all those boxes was more like battlefield first aid, and someday I need to improve control and access to all of that material.

On a related note, it occurred to me that you may enjoy seeing our offsite-facility.  Just let me know if so, and we can arrange a visit.

Regarding Edna's files for the Memory to Action exhibit, I wrote her and asked if she is ready and willing to part with any of that material.  Hopefully she will be willing.  One thing too that comes to mind is that I believe Bridget Conley-Zilkic may have also worked on that project.  Bridget worked for the Committee on Conscience, so I plan to check her files more closely tomorrow when I go to our off-site building.

As for the questions in the mail you sent yesterday -- they are deep, but I will also see what I can do to find answers.

Well, have a nice evening, and try to stay dry.

Institutional archivist 


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