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From: Not Deterred <undiscouragable@email.com>
Date: 09/2/11
To: Aid
Subject: update

Oh hi,

Apologies again for the misfired email the other week. I hope you have been keeping well.

I just received an email concerning my application to Fancy American School: my name has not been put forth for admission to the What I Want To Do  program. Thank you again for all your advice and support--I've really appreciated all of your detailed descriptions of life at Fancy American School. I do hope that we can stay in touch.

Enjoy the sunshine. Warmly,


From: Aid <aid@supportive.com>
Date: 16/2/11
To: Not Deterred
Subject: re: update


I'm sorry to hear this. I know this is not going to be of help -- but to give you perspective: a friend who spend two years at Fancy American School working with the faculty in the department was not offered admission.

The point is this -- when you have 5 applications per 1 spot, we can speak of something being "competitive," and feel bad when we don't get something; when you have 15 applications per 1 spot -- the story is different.

Do let me know where you'll be next year; and if I can be of help with respect to anything - don't hesitate to write. It'll be love to get together when I pass Toronto on the way to Europe (I think this May /June).


To: Ms. Aid <aid@supportive.com>
Date: 05/03/11
From: Peer


I am sorry to hear that your colleague was not offered admission. That sounds like an awfully intense situation for your friend. I cannot imagine how that they must feel.

I am also sorry to say that such a situation does put my own into perspective. I knew the chances of my acceptance were slim given the size of the pool of applicants. I am, however, happy that I tried and that my name and my interests, are in some capacity, known to faculty
at Fancy American School. That, and I would not have had the pleasure of correspondence with you had I not attempted an application. On that note, I would be delighted to share time and space when you're in This City passing through to That Continent.

I have my fingers crossed that I'll hear something positive from Other Fancy American School. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

I hope this finds you well,



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