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At the cost of near-poverty

From: Masters Friend <mastersfriend@someschool.com>
Subject: Re: I think about this a lot
Date: 18 December, 2012 4:00:57 PM EST
To: friend <friend@someschool.com> 

Thanks for this... I wonder about the utility of a PhD as well sometimes, and it's why I'm not overly committed to going in Sept. Sometimes I feel like it's best if you have a clear path/goal in mind, and you're convinced a PhD is necessary in terms of practical application. I have a pretty solid goal, and I'm only mildly certain that the PhD will give me the legitimacy I need to go as far as I'd like with it. But at the cost of near-poverty and retirement savings and potential baby-making? We'll see. Maybe it's something to come back to in a few years. I'll send in my app to A University as a test run, at least. 

I've applied for a graduate certificate at this university. It starts in June and it's just two semesters. But I refuse to go if they don't give me money!!



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